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September 09, 2020

Hasn’t Covid 19 changed the way we did everything? Right from greeting people to social distancing to wedding parties, everything has seen a brand-new shift. We’re treading on an unusual path and experiencing the most unexpected changes around us. When we finally bid farewell to these strange times, we will have to prepare ourselves to perceive the world from a whole different perspective and to adjust to a new normal. We will have to un-learn everything we had learnt and embrace a different set of rules and etiquettes to survive and surpass in this new world.


Etiquettes are a set of polite manners and rules in a formal or informal setting. They are an integral part of our human society. Our kindness, consideration and manners create a substantial impact on people’s lives. It cultivates a sense of respect and inclusiveness between individuals and leads to more thriving and fulfilling relationships; both personal and professional. Do you know how chimpanzees act around food in a jungle?

They fling things in the air, run around the place and causally team up with their fellow-chimps to bully smaller monkeys. This is exactly what a world without etiquettes would look like. It would give rise to aggression and inconsideration and lead us act more like animals than humans. Because of etiquettes, we have an organized and respectable society and are able to socialize with people in a more appropriate manner. 



The COVID-19 crisis feels like a dark, ominous cloud hovering over our heads. There seems to be distress in every corner of the globe. The only thing that people need during these tough times is consideration and kindness. In the new normal, it is crucial to learn a new set of etiquettes to protect our family and fellow-citizens, to contain the spread of any illnesses that we may be prone to and to help create a better, healthier and safer tomorrow.

Even though we would be out of the pandemic, we would still need to continue following some rules and etiquettes we did while we were in the pandemic. We need etiquettes to help us be the best version of ourselves and to help others bring out the same in themselves. Each and every one of us needs to be aware, learn and follow these etiquettes to bring a substantial change in our society and to bring back that ray of sunshine after this terrible storm. 


Digital Etiquettes

There’s no doubt we’re living in the most unpredictable and unprecedented times. The world has taken an online route and therefore, following basic digital etiquettes has become an obligation. While writing emails, make sure to use the right tone to deliver your message. People cannot see you and therefore find it harder to interpret your emotions. One way to bring clarity into your communication is by describing your emotions in one or two words in your email text. Be more considerate towards your employees working at home.

We are certainly not aware of the struggles people are facing at home. With the crisis worsening, people are getting burdened by added responsibilities. At home, they now have children to educate, elders and pets to care for, limited access to resources, longer hours of work and many such issues. Don’t force anyone into switching on their cameras while conducting video meetings. Be a little more patient and empathetic with your employees. Check on them from time to time to make sure they’re doing alright.

Wearing a mask 

Wear a mask when you step outdoors. You could wear an N95 mask, a medical mask or even a homemade one. It helps you keep out germs while you breathe in and keep in the germs that you’re likely to spread to others when you breathe out.

Hand Sanitation and Hygiene

Wash your hands thoroughly with soap and water every few hours for at least a minute. Sing the happy birthday song or the alphabet song in your head while doing it so it’s easier for you to keep track of the amount of time you need to wash your hands for. Use an alcohol-based sanitizer to sanitize your hands whenever you need.

Social Distancing 


A virus cannot spread when a person is alone or if an individual is far away from them. It is important that we try to maintain a distance of at least 6 feet from everyone when you step outside to buy groceries or go to the medical or wherever you wish to go.


Ditching the handshake! 


Handshakes were our primary way to greet everyone but unfortunately, they encourage the spread of germs. Therefore, we have to shift to a different way to greet people. The traditional namaste, a wave from a distance, or a smile could simply do the trick. 


Big parties, small crowds


You’re free to host lavish and beautiful parties for your special occasions but you may not be able to invite as many people as you did before the pandemic. Encourage a smaller crowd at your parties and make appropriate arrangements for hand sanitation and hygiene for your guests. Keep hand sanitizers on each table and soap dispensers wherever possible. Make sure that each and every serving dish is thoroughly cleaned. Keep boxes of tissues wherever required. 


Party Invitations 


The pandemic has been a rollercoaster ride for everyone. Don’t hesitate to tell anyone that you won’t be attending their celebration. Refrain from lying or making up excuses. Be honest. Put in a warm message and tell them you’re trying to stay indoors for a while. Accept any party rejections with respect on your end too.


Means of Communication


The corporate world has seen a major shift in work and has turned its face towards remote working. Remote working is here to stay and it is important for each and every one of us to contribute towards creating a positive working environment even from our own houses. We need to be more empathetic towards each other and carry out effective communication to boost the team’s productivity. Care, gratitude and concern should be shown towards our team members.


Being more empathetic


Although the pandemic has been a tough time, it has taught us to be more empathetic and caring. It has taught us to appreciate simple things like a day out in the sun, a warm hug from a loved one and going to the movies. When the world resumes, it is of utmost importance that we do not forget these lessons. We must be more empathetic towards our friends and neighbors.


We should lend a helping hand to everyone. We should tip our delivery folks well. We should appreciate the smallest gestures done by anyone in our favor. This is what etiquette ultimately teaches us; to be the best human beings possible. 


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