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Image Building and Etiquette Mapping is the market leader in training and consulting in the entertainment industry, talent development industry, and media industry. We identify opportunities and risks to create powerful plans and interventions for the organization to achieve commercial success using the strengths of its team.

We have developed many in entertainment training programs. Our training concept guides us to work on specific needs and requirements, with solutions tailored to each of our clients. Our team consists of more than 20 skilled instructors and we have specialists in different programs and skills. Therefore, we offer a wide and complete portfolio of options. Each program or workshop is personalized to each client, to each industry and to each requirement.

In the face of increasing competition, Image Building and Etiquette Mapping ensures that your people have the right training at the right time, and we can help your employees in embracing change and achieving breakthrough business success for your organization. 

Key Advantages for our Entertainment Industry Training 

  • Up skill your talent and drive innovation with bite-sized content that’s available to employees at the point of need.

  • Quickly on board new employees with core skills and learning pathways that deliver the right training to new hires at the right time.

  • Train future leaders by giving them the tools they need to develop necessary soft skills through Social Assessment.

  • Train the employees the importance to ATTENTION TO DETAIL

  • Discover the key ingredients for improving employee motivation and engagement.

  • We make the training experience better and more effective.

  • Importance of training employees for your organization.

  • Create systems and structure in the organization through maintaining checklists and SOPs

Our strong service-based philosophy, consistently demonstrated by our kinaesthetic training, guides hospitality personnel in their efforts to achieve customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business success. 

Entertainment Training Upcoming Courses

  • Entertainment Employees Uniform Finesse Training

  • Entertainment Guest Awareness Training

  • Customer Experience Course