Here's How Niraalee Can Help


We at Image Building and Etiquette Mapping help entrepreneurs create profitable businesses and brands that attract their ideal clients. Her expertise in training the teams in different industry sectors helps corporate houses showcase their expertise and command premium pricing through brand experience, and added value of customer experience. Ms Niraalee Shah conducts kinesthetic training in the various departments of your corporate house. She empowers the team with skills and upskills them to deliver world class service excellence.



We provide step to step content (50 + PDF) (50 + WORKSHEETS) (5 + E-BOOKS) on how to craft a personal brand you'll be building rapport with your audience without having to remind them how trustworthy you are, boosting your credibility and social proof effortlessly. Perfect for anyone who wants to accelerate their BUSINESS GROWTH and PERSONAL GROWTH.



A Business Branding Consultation call with Ms Niraalee Shah is the first consultation between Ms Niraalee Shah and you. Over a consultation call, you will get to know and decide if you and your services have a strong brand foundation. She will understand your business | product | service and give you the branding tools and strategies in increasing your brand's Business Growth, Brand Reputation and Market Share (HIGHER SALES).



360-degree Digital Marketing Strategy Consultation, including research stats, approach, action plan and KPIs. Image Building and Etiquette Mapping digital vertical helps start-ups and brands with website development, website design, website content creation, marketing mix, and growth hacking plan. Local and international market research, target segmentation analysis, competitive analysis, and Brand strategy.



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Niraalee Shah

Dr. Niraalee Shah established Image Building and Etiquette Mapping to extend her wealth of knowledge to corporates and organizations globally – who wish to acquire the skills and confidence to radiate positive energy and engage their peers; to achieve personal and professional success, thus creating a brand that attracts. As a Brand Strategist, Internationally Certified Trainer and Consultant, Niraalee Shah works alongside entrepreneurs, corporate houses and independent professionals to achieve striking innovation and development at all fronts. 

Business World

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping is one of the top corporate training and consulting companies in India. It offers customized kinaesthetic training solutions, and has expertise in soft skills training, behavioural skills training, leadership & organisational development, train-the-trainer, and HR consulting.

Personal Branding

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping the Personal Branding (Brand You) training course is a business capability development programme that will develop your personal branding. This course will transform your personal brand to create visibility and develop your leadership skills as well as utilising effective management and marketing strategies.

Luxury Boutique and Retail Training

Image Building Etiquette Mapping is one of the only internationally accredited training providers in the Retail Training Industry. Our training covers all aspects of soft skills for the luxury market, including building relationships with consumers, executive presence, business etiquette training, leadership training, customer service training, upselling skills and communication skills training.

Hospitality Training

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping conducts technical, kin aesthetic and soft skills training for the hospitality industry. Our training aims at increasing efficiency and productivity; it raises staff morale and lowers staff turnover.

Event Management Training

The kinaesthetic training provided to event employees is a vital factor in the smooth running of the event, conference or exhibition and in achieving a quality experience for all participants.

Entertainment Training

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping is the market leader in training and consulting in the entertainment industry, talent development industry, and media industry. We identify opportunities and risks to create powerful plans and interventions for the organization to achieve commercial success using the strengths of its team.