Hospitality Training

hospitality training

Hospitality Training Program

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping conducts technical, kinaesthetic and soft skills training for the hospitality industry. Our training aims at increasing efficiency and productivity; it raises staff morale and lowers staff turnover. Overall, interpersonal skills and teamwork receive a boost along with customer satisfaction. Due to the above, profitability rises and the ROI of training is achieved within 3 to 4 months.

The systemic kinaesthetic training improves confidence, enhances communication and value-based management practices. This paradigm shift ensures that our clients (partners) have a more committed, motivated and dynamic team. Guest satisfaction, repeat patronage and the bottom line get a shot of adrenaline.

Our training programs can be customized to suit the requirements of all staff and can be conducted in English or any local languages with our trained local language trainers. The training sessions are interactive, interspersed with energizers and based on experimental learning and role play. “Fun With Learning!” and “Never A Dull Moment!” are part of the enthusiastic feedback we constantly receive. 

The Hospitality industry has seen a tremendous growth in regards to consumer expectations, business practices and sophistication. The key systems within the hospitality industry increase productivity as well as managerial approaches to continuously improve customer-experience as well as operational excellence. 

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping Hospitality Training program specializes in the below departments for Hospitality Training: 

  • General Operations 

  • Food & Beverage Services Training 

  • Housekeeping Training 

  • Front Office Operations & Training 

  • Kitchen Operations & Training 


Your customer-facing personnel make the biggest impact on your business. They make or break your brand. We train them to project the right image, handle guests & build customer loyalty.


People manage your business & resources to create value for guests, vendors, investors & your own team. We train them to lead & manage. 


Top management plans & strategies on product, marketing, service delivery, but it’s left to the personnel facing the customer to translate that vision into reality. We train your brand ambassadors!

The philosophy of the hospitality industry is essentially connected to serving people. In hospitality, a broad commercial segment that includes restaurants, hotels, bars, cruise liners and private yachts. Guests represent the key component that enables a company to reach its goals. Our strong service-based philosophy, consistently demonstrated by our kinaesthetic training, guides hospitality personnel in their efforts to achieve customer satisfaction, and ultimately, business success.

The Hospitality Training Upcoming Courses

  • Hospitality Management Blueprint Course

  • Hospitality Leadership Course

  • Hospitality Leading with Emotional Intelligence Course

  • Hospitality Housekeeping Training Course

  • Hospitality Checklists and SOP’s Content Bundle

  • Customer Experience Course