Company Profile


Image Building and Etiquette Mapping delivers quality training and learning to corporates and professional organizations. We started out with the intent to ensure that entrepreneurs and corporate houses achieve their business goals through the correct channels of training, consulting and brand building. We are catalysts in the process of transforming management into strong leadership and human resources into value-adding assets.

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping were incorporated in 2020 and founded by Ms Niraalee Shah, the company is a pioneer in the training, consulting and branding industry in India and is dedicated to training and consulting corporates, professionals and entrepreneurs across the globe. Image Building and Etiquette Mapping come to the foray with its efficient training and modules that implement value-added services in your organization’s DNA.

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping is a committed, conscientious and creative training catalyst for achieving business growth through training, learning and branding. Our focus is to power a company with the right tools to aspire and grow and build a brand that achieves an increased Business Growth, Brand Reputation and Market Share

We impact these businesses and industries:

  • Corporate Organizations

  • Education Industry

  • Small Scale Industry

  • Hospitality Industry

  • Luxury Retail Industr

  • Event Industry

  • Entertainment Industry


Ms. Niraalee Shah is an internationally certified and experienced corporate trainer, brand builder, image management consultant and etiquette trainer. She focuses her expertise and passion in training, consulting and branding for professionals, corporate houses and organizations. Involved, incisive and intuitively committed to brand building and transformation, she creates paradigm shifts in your company’s workings. These shifts positively impact a trajectory of continuous growth and development.

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping are committed to training the various departments in your organization to create remarkable experiences and earn customer loyalty. Niraalee Shah empowers your team to create the strongest impact and deliver world-class service excellence. Her training leads to extraordinary and memorable brand experiences.

Niraalee’s experience and expertise are showcased in her hallmark modules. These are exhibited via:

  • Training Workshops that create transformations

  • Panel Discussions that initiate authentic expressions

  • Group Discussions that foster inspiration

  • Internal & External Audits that nurse continuous aspirations


Accelerated Efficiencies in Processes | Higher Motivation and Engagement | Increased Willingness to Execute Roles | Advanced Performance Levels | Increased Retention | Advanced Job Satisfaction | Lesser Human Resource Turnover | Upskilled Teams | Risk Management and Adaptation


Image Building and Etiquette Mapping tailor programs to fit the culture, expectations and visions of your company. Our key differentiator is our 100% commitment to your

  • Business Growth

  • Brand Reputation

  • Market Share

We always go the extra mile to ensure that our training and value-added services help you achieve results to your complete satisfaction and expectations.

  • Professional training with a focus on employees comprehending the module.

  • Creatively designed and structured presentations, charts, and audio-visuals as best quality training material.

  • An extended panel of professional trainers to work deeper with your team for specific modules like make-up, wellness, personality development, health management, and so on.

  • 1:1 Consultation on creating a brand that attracts.

  • 1:1 Consultation on helping professionals build their micro-niche through the power of Personal Branding.

Image Building and Etiquette Mapping, we keep a laser-cut focus on training representatives of your company with high-quality training that includes checklists as well as internal and external audits. In providing resources like checklists and SOPs to help employees understand, implement and execute the training, Image Building and Etiquette Mapping stand apart in every aspect.


  • Weekly departmental checklists that are reviewed in conjunction with your Management Representative (MR).

  • A detailed analysis of these checklists submitted as a weekly report to your top management.

  • Bi-monthly internal audits ensure that your team remains on par with the training and consequent learnings.

  • Audit reports to your management for further reference and action.

  • Regular checklists for ISO 9001, 14001 and 45001 keep your company and brand on par with International Standards Organization parameters.

  • Additional development of checklists as per your company’s requirements.

  • 1:1 Brand Consultation on building a brand that attracts. We work with the brand foundation of your company and create a strong marketing plan with a detailed BRAND PLAN for your product/service.


We identify and address training and operational gaps to help your teams excel in their respective roles and performance with confident finesse. We develop their potential, providing critical opportunities to build analytical, collaborative, and leadership skills that transcend cultural and geographic boundaries.

There are some key elements that are at the core of much-appreciated work and workmanship:

  • Trigger Training and Catapulting Development: By focusing on professional development, you empower your employees. This empowerment further influences all-around job performance with inspired ownership of one’s potential and goals.

  • Advancement with Consistency: Our training programs ensure a consistent and level playing ground at all stages. Starting from new to established, employee training by Image Building and Etiquette Mapping ensures consistent professional growth for all team members based on company culture, policy and business goals.

  • Absolute Authenticity: We are gentle yet firm in our honest feedback, regular reports and assessments. We believe in only achieving the desired outcome, purely through sheer transparency, courtesy and integrity.

  • Commitment - We commit ourselves to helping you embrace change and achieve dazzling and breakthrough performance through our training

The core of our quality training programs is the sharp identification of who needs to be trained, when and on what skills they need to learn and what shall be the TNA (Training Need Analysis). Our reports and analyses keep the management abreast with qualitative changes, quantitative improvements and time-cost effectiveness. All our strategies are benchmark plans that maximize your company’s inherent potential to succeed, via step-by-step transformations.

Look at us as your ongoing growth partner that adopts and nurtures your every vision and value, every initiative, every new policy and every team.