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November 18, 2020

Environmental etiquette has become a raging topic of the modern era. Gone are the days of our ecological surroundings being an afterthought. We, as a society, are now fully aware of the natural habitat of which we are a part, what it does for us, and what we do and can do for it. The Earth is our only home for now. It is a source of life and everything that supports and sustains it and is of great significance. Lately, humans have exploited, altered, transformed and commercialised this planet in-turn changing the dynamics and disturbing the balance in nature to a never seen before degree.

Amidst all this, sustainable development is the most pragmatic solution, although it may not be enough. While engaged in the race for growth, urbanisation and consumerism, we have lost touch with nature. We have forgotten what it feels like to be amongst the trees and forests (where we all came from). More importantly, we have forgotten that humans are a part of nature as well. Experts and researchers have suggested governments around the world to integrate environmental etiquettes into society. “Environmental etiquettes” is the just way to be with
nature and the environment. With this, it is expected that the awareness about the seriousness of climate change can reach to almost all individuals

How to incorporate environmental etiquette into our lives?

  • As Individuals: Following the 3R rule (Reduce, Reuse, Recycle) as it is an integral part of sustainable living by leading a minimal lifestyle. Buying local and leading into more organic products could reduce the carbon footprint to a fine extent. Going on treks or camping (whatever takes you in the lap of nature) for a couple of weeks every year could bring one in touch of the environment. Meditate, to start appreciating the beauty of nature and humans and the harmony that exists between them.
  • As a Community: Community gatherings can be a way to demonstrate the importance of sustainable living and etiquettes. We, as social beings should indulge in celebrating our best times more mindfully and responsibly. Same should be taught to the coming generations
  • As a Society: Bringing all one step closer towards conserving the environment should be the motto instead of it being a part of corporate social responsibility. Drives to encourage people to go green and grow food in their backyards should take place. Development of parks and green pockets too can be a tool for change.

We have to agree and accept that infinite development with Earth’s finite resources is not possible while reigning in the mindless consumerism but not at the cost of being critical. An essential infrastructural development is necessary to satisfy the necessities and guarantee a just society. But anything beyond this set limit should be seen as destruction and deterioration of our only home and the way of life.

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