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August 07, 2023

Welcome to Forest Escapes Resort at Koyna Nagar. It is a world where speechless moments and awesome experiences unveils a new excitement every hour of the day. It is here you will explore the unexplored beauty of nature. And yes, nature is ever willing to converse with you. Rustling leaves playing with the refreshing winds and the birds dancing to the tune of nature. Forest Escapes Resort, your imagination comes alive. The peace and the lush green covered Sahyadri hills will not just offer you soothing moments but will recharge your mind, body and soul. Forest Escapes is nestled amidst the Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary. A UNESCO World Heritage site. Here, you will cherish the unimaginable moments of your vacation in reality.

Name: Forest Escapes Koyna Resort

Address: Post Goshatwadi, Taluka Patan, Satara, Maharashtra, 415207.

Nearest Railway Station: Chiplun Railway Station 42 kms

Nearest Airport: Kolhapur 129 kms

Best Weather: November to March

Local Tourist Guide: Explore Koyna (Mr Raj Rathod)

Personalized Experiences: Dr Niraalee



Forest Escapes is surrounded with dense forest here, you will explore variety of birds migrating from across the globe. It is definitely a paradise for bird lovers. Book your bird watching tour with Escape Koyna. The local guide Raj will take you in the dense forest to spot the Great Hornbill, Asian paradise flycatcher, yellow footed green pigeon, Purple Sunbird, Malabar grey Hornbill, crimson backed Sunbird, and small Minivet

CLOTHING: Long Pants + Cotton T-shirt or Dri Fit T-shirt + Comfortable walking shoes

THINGS TO CARRY: Please carry your water bottle, cap, sunglasses, SPF protection, binoculars, mosquito repellent and camera.


Go fishing at the Koyna River. Crystal clear water with refreshing environment gives you every reason to enjoy every moment of fishing sitting on the banks of the Koyna River. Book your fishing experience with Escape Koyna, local guide Raj who will take you on the banks of the Koyna Lake and give you a unique experience of fishing. If you don’t like to fish you can sit on the banks of the Koyna Lake with your legs in the river.

CLOTHING: Long Pants + Cotton T-shirt or Dri Fit T-shirt + Comfortable walking shoes

THINGS TO CARRY: Please carry your garden mat, cap, water bottle, mosquito repellent, sanitizer, SPF protection, chilled drinks, and bluetooth speaker if you would like to add a personalized experience to your mid-morning nature experience.


Enjoy the grilling moments at Forest Escapes. You can make your own barbeque in a passionately build barbeque set-up along with a camp fire just on the banks of Koyna Lake. Feel the thrill of the night along with your gang at the Camp Fire. We have a wonderful place. Book your experience with local guide Raj and pre order your barbeque items with Forest Escapes Koyna Restaurant Manager. The team at the resort along with Raj arrange the experience completely.

CLOTHING: Long Pants + Cotton T-shirt or Dri Fit T-shirt + Comfortable walking shoes or sturdy slippers + jacket. (Comfortable Clothing)

THINGS TO CARRY: Please carry your own water bottle, chilled drinks, light snack packets, mosquito repellent, torch, warm shawl or jacket and bluetooth speaker if you would like to add a personalized experience under the stars.


Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary is a wildlife sanctuary and natural World Heritage Site. The sanctuary has a diverse variety of mammals including the Keystone species, Bengal Tigers (6), Indian Leopards (14), Indian Gaur (220-250), Sloth Bears (70-80), Sambar Deer (160-175), Barking Deer (180-200) and Mouse Deer, Gray Langurs and Indian Giant Squirrels. Many species of birds are found in the sanctuary including the distinctive heart-spotted Woodpecker, Rufous Woodpecker, and Brown-Capped Pygmy Woodpecker, Asian fairy bluebird, Malabar Pied Hornbill, long-tailed Nightjar and Crested Goshawk. Large Indian Pythons and Spectacled Cobras are found here.

Explore the Jungle Safari with Explore Koyna Wildlife Sanctuary with local safari expert Raj Rathod. Book your safaris in advance with Raj. The night safari is an experience by its own. You can go into the safari in your own vehicles or opt for the local vehicle arranged by the safari guide.

CLOTHING: Long Pants + Cotton T-shirt or Dri Fit T-shirt + Jacket Comfortable walking shoes or sturdy slippers. (Comfortable Clothing)

THINGS TO CARRY: Please carry your own water bottle, torch, warm shawl and mosquito repellent if you would like to add a personalized experience to the night safari.


    Do not throw any leftover food in the wild. The animals might eat that food which is not good for them.

    Do not waste water in your room bathrooms. While brushing your teeth close the faucet. Do not ask for a replacement of bed linen in your rooms. Save Water!

    Avoid plastic water bottles use water purifies for drinking water or bring your own water bottles. Leave no trace of plastic bottles, wafer packets, biscuit packets, soft drink bottles etc in the wild or on the side of the roads. Use of cloth, newspaper biodegradable bags to carry for accessories.

    Use EV Vehicles or CNG Vehicles. It would be best if you could walk or use public transport.

    Eat the meals prepared by expert local women at the restaurants in Koyna. The local restaurant at the entrance of Koyna Escape Resorts has got excellent food cooked by local ladies.

    Book your safaris with local tourist guides like Raj Rathod. If you would like to take back something from Koyna buy the Indrani Rice sold on the roads of Koyna by local farmers. The rice flour and nachni flour sold of the roads of Koyna are also fresh and pure. Increase the income of locals living in the area.

    Engage in local cultural shows by locals who are encouraged to learn their traditional art forms-music, dance, and focus on local nature and culture. You can enjoy these experiences at Forest Escapes Koyna.

Koyna Nagar is a discreet hill station located in the Patan Taluka of Satara district in Maharashtra and is set in the stunningly beautiful Sahyadri Mountain Ranges of the Western Ghats. The region is a part of the UNESCO World Network of Biosphere Reserves in India and Koynas's evergreen forests mark the transition zone between the Deccan plateau and the Konkan. Koyna area is known as the renewable energy capital of Maharashtra because of its hydroelectric and wind energy projects.

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