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December 16, 2020

Do you want your company to excel? Do you want customer loyalty and good reviews? If you do, remember, customer is king. While developing a customer experience vision, companies need to understand that a customer is what makes or breaks your business. If you treat a customer poorly, provide them with bad products or do not adhere to their queries and needs, they will not be returning for your services. Here are a few ways in which your company can avoid this and build a fantastic customer vision

  • Companies must ensure primarily that their products match the needs and expectations of their target market and customers. Customers have various demands and such demands must be identified by the company if they want to succeed.
  • Secondly, the companies must ensure their online websites or offline stores provide easy access to all their products and services to the customers along with timely promotional offers. Such offers are a good policy to attract customers and to enhance their shopping experience.
  • The company must have efficient post-sales services. The customers often have a lot to say after they purchase a product or subscribe to a service. It is essential to collect their feedback so that any grievance they might be having is redressed at the earliest. Customers who feel heard are more likely to come back to the same company for a re-purchase.
  • Lastly, the company must undertake research and development to create and produce new products and services to be able to serve a larger customer base with varied demands. The company must practice innovation and creativity to improve the customer experience.

Here are examples of a few companies that are already at the top of their game when it comes to providing great customer experience:


Apple has almost 73% of customer loyalty from seven years. The fact that they have such a loyal customer base points out their great customer experience vision that every company must take notes from. Apple emphasizes on providing excellent quality products; products that last. What makes Apple’s CX yet more attractive is the fact they try to keep things simple to use and provide their customers with assistance


Disney focuses on customer experience by ensuring they deliver an experience that is worth your money. Disney has almost 70% of customers returning for a second trip. The employees at Disney are trained to put customers before anything else. All the employees make sure heynever say ‘no’ to a customer and find a way to make the customer happy. Their ultimate aim of is to make a customer base that wants to return for a good experience.


Uber has a simple user interface and the best possible rates compared to its competitors. They leverage low prices to provide value to their customers. It also has a secure system to ensure that their customers experience safety in all their rides and a credits system that allows customers to redeem points. These account to greater customer loyalty.


Amazon has spread its wings and extended to cover any and products ranging from toys to furniture as well as services providing could storage to entertainment. With super fast delivery, reasonable rates, ease of purchasing and 24/7 support, Amazon remains to be one of the top industries in the world that has a huge


Netflix attracts a huge fan base by providing both, international as well as regional movies. Netflix as an entertainment platform provides a one-month free trial to make sure as many people try out their services as possible. It also has an easy-to-use website and customer support to help their clients out with any problems they might face.

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