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October 14, 2020

The world that we live in today is an epitome of diversity, opportunity, and connectivity. There are so many things that we know, there are so many things we do not know, and there are even more things that we do not know even exist. Planet Earth is home to close to 7 Billion humans and countless other organisms that form a part of our regional ecosystems. Every place on this planet has its ecosystem that is in synergy with humans, animals, plants, and other environmental factors. Through these mechanisms, society has come about to become the way it is today with multiple diverse civilisations.

Today, with the amount globality, we have access to these cultures. We are able to
interact with individuals from these diverse cultures. Although our civilisations have come about through similar apparatus, the entireties or details of the societies vastly vary as a result of the variations in history.


For instance, there are different customs in different parts of the world. In India, for example, one must always eat with their right hand. Argentinians believe in gifting hence always bring
gifts. In the U. S., you must always tip. In Botswana, people always greet each other. In the U. K., people are expected to be punctual. The Lebanese are trained to be empathetic and kind.
Russians want to always be as private as possible, whereas the Portuguese are one of the most social groups.

These are the stark differences that change from region to region! Isn’t so interesting that although humans are incredibly similar, they are at the same time diverse in individuality. The above were just a few for your reference, but imagine how many different customs exist in every aspect of life.

One must be cautious of these diversities and their associated customs and
etiquettes. Most of the times, these customs are very direct and easy to understand.
However, in our opinion, there are certain assumed customs that one must be aware of before getting into conversations or visiting these places. Having knowledge of these customs helps one create better relationships, makes conversations more comfortable, and help your entrepreneurial transactions. Additionally, having regional etiquette knowledge gives a better and more respectable perception of oneself.

We believe that the best way people can learn is by getting practical experience in
various situations. The best way to get oneself trained in regional etiquette is to travel around and explore places. One needs to have an open “eye” and be open to learning.

The only way to learn is through open observations and explorations. So how to proficiently learn regional etiquettes?

  • Start interacting with people from different regions, listen to what they are saying properly
  • Be open to simply asking questions
  • Look up doubts on the internet beforehand
  • Be kind and passionate towards learning regional etiquette

Be sure to always keep your eyes open to observe and explore social interactions in respective environments to gain more regional etiquette knowledge. Maximise your potential for all interaction purposes through regional etiquette.

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