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January 20, 2021

The market is noting lesser than a battlefield in today’s world. The competition between the substitute producing firms in an industry is cut-throat and never-ending. To be successful, one needs to be pro-active and at the top of the game. All of this depends directly on the sales and eventually, on the salespersons.

Adequate training
A salesperson could be qualified and yet, fail at their job. This is because the actual market and consumer behaviour are never the same – It is dynamic and evolving. Training them well can be an absolute game-changer. Hence, salespersons need to garner and adopt strategic selling techniques that help them win.

Tip: This can be achieved by keeping up with trends, attending sales workshops, or gaining exposure from experienced professionals.

Understanding the product
The salespersons need to be continuously updated about the aspects of the products/services they sell. They should be well acquainted with the details – the advantages, uses, offers. They should also understand how it will add value to a customer’s life as well as their own. They must have information that is accurate and convincing enough to turn potential clients into regular consumers.

Tip: Study the product or service thoroughly and create a pitch you’re comfortable saying out loud. Practice it alone and with a senior. Update it as you go along with your sales routine depending on what is effective.

Finding the right target audience
Selling strategies and techniques fail to work when products do not have any utility to consumers. The salesperson needs to identify the right kinds of consumers and thus, the target market. Example: The target market of baby diapers will be the people who are new parents or expecting parents.

Tip: Study the market and comprehend who will benefit from your product the most. After you understand who the right audience is, engage with solely them.

Establishing trust and customer relations
A salesperson must work with integrity to gain a customer’s trust. When a customer trusts you, they’re likely to make a repeated purchase from you. Dealing with the mindset of a consumer undoubtedly is one of the most important things. The salesperson must communicate persuasively and confidently. Maintaining good relations with consumers can go a long way in building a loyal consumer base.

Tip: Listening more than speaking while selling helps gain an insight into the customer’s needs. It also helps you make conversation during a follow-up call.
Create a favourable buying environment Creating a pleasant ambience for the consumers is an indispensable part of sales. The salesperson must ensure that the consumers are comfortable and at ease while making a purchase. Yelling, using harsh words, vexatious gestures or badgering consumers to make a quick purchase is inappropriate.

Tip: Ensure the customer that you’re here to make their life easier. Do not force them. Adopt a polite attitude and extend a helping hand towards all consumers.

Provide after-sales services
Satisfied customers help you gain new ones by word-of-mouth. It’s a salient feature of a good salesperson to treat their consumers attentively even after sales. If a consumer feels neglected, they might end up not returning to the store for a repeated purchase. This can affect the organization’s sales.

Tip: Have short, casual conversations with your customers even after they buy from you. Help them out with any problems they face with regards to the product. 

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