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December 09, 2020

Admitting yourself to your dream college requires more than just good academics. The admission process generally involves personality tests, discussions and interviews, and more. To nail these rounds, you need to strengthen several aspects- like your resume. Your resume is what makes your first impression. It is one of the first things that decision-makers come across which is why your resume needs to be very impressive. Here are six tips to help you write the most amazing resume for your university application.

Step 1. Why did you choose a particular course?

There are a variety of things that influence our decision of choosing a particular career path. It could be our parents, peers, books or the cultural and educational experiences we lived. Go ahead and tell your story. Divulge details about your mental make-up, the background you were brought up in and how exactly you decided your career path.

Step 2. Write about your area of interest.

To put forth an example, if you are interested in mechanical engineering, then what programme/course are you exactly interested in. To continue with our example it could be automotive engineering, aerospace engineering and so on. Speak about why you are passionate about that certain area of your course of study.

Step 3. Write about your hobbies and extracurricular activities.

This is another thing that makes your resume interesting and eye-catching. Mention your hobbies, extra-curricular activities that you may have participated in, and the roles and responsibilities you have carried out. It is a good opportunity to showcase your skills and abilities of how fast you learn and evolve as a person. They also reveal how active, versatile and adaptive you really are.

Step 4. Write about your projects and internships

Write an elaborative paragraph about the projects and workshops you have been a part of with regards to your course of interest. This can provide an edge to your resume and greatly influence the judges to decide in your favour. This gives an insight about your prior knowledge in that particular field too.

Step 5. Write about your involvement in social service

Colleges and universities prefer a student who understands his social responsibility well. Make sure your contribution towards any social cause makes way into your resume. This will surely make a good impression on the judges and make your resume stand out a bit.

Step 6. Finally, write about why you chose that particular university.

In your conclusive paragraph, you need to write why you chose that particular university and how that university can be instrumental to your career growth and development. Your university choice and course of study selected should be in line with your career. Try to use lucid language and be clear. Avoid grammatical errors.
Your personality is reflected through your resume. The choice of pleasant and right words can impact your resume making it more distinctive and noticeable from the rest of the others.

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