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October 21, 2020

“Clarity is the only way ahead.”

The road to success of any business is paved through valuable offerings and efficient
communication, and when it comes to building a robust corporate establishment, clarity is all that matters. Effective corporate communication requires clarity in both the medium and the message. According to an author Asha Kaul, “professionals cannot expect clarity in their communications from customers until they get clear about their own messages”. Clarity, an integral part of the communication, finds itself in core business strategies.

The smooth functions in an institution depend on interactions and communication. Imagine being able to take up tasks without communicating at all, or for that matter, imagine being stuck in a soup of miscommunication. The flaws in an organisation reveal themselves through communication, they are deeply-rooted, and we believe that the biggest problem in the world can be solved when there is inherent clarity among involved stakeholders. Why do you think protest or fights take place? They take place merely due to a lack of clarity. Hence, in this interconnected world, it is a bare essential to employ effective and clear communication.

Clarity, by definition, is the means the ability to explain goals, works on simplicity, structure and familiarity. It allows passion and purpose to align and become a means to overcome obstacles and achieve new heights. Clarity is crucial in a business, namely:

  • Strategic Clarity: Strategic clarity is the ability to clearly define, effectively communicate and adequately implement the corporate strategies. It is the opposite of ambiguity.
  • Communication Clarity: Clarity of communication avoids confusion, creates and builds relationships, tells people where they stand, sets expectations and drives action in the organisation which are necessary for a profitable venture. This is applicable within and outside the organisation.
  • Self Clarity: Like business, being clear within oneself helps keep oneself on the “right” path and helps in identifying areas for growth, review, and work. Being clear on who you are and what you stand for gives you the ability to the take anything that upsets you and allows you to see then why you feel that way and if this is something you need to work on in yourself. Clarity not only helps in professional life but also as ripple benefits in private life as well.

Technology and globalisation make communication simple and easy, yet at times it
becomes challenging for individuals to control, manipulate, and put forward the right
transmission. The need for clarity exists in everything and for everyone regardless of size, location, and placement of and in an organisation.

So, let us look at the various aspects where clarity is essential:

The lack of clarity in business communication causes much tension in the form of
mistakes, misinformation, frustrated customers, unhappy employees, and information lags that can make companies look bad and can lead to staggering profits.

Here are aspects where clarity directly impedes business functions:

  • Decision Making: Great decisions are a function of how transparent the objective
    is. Lack of clarity breeds options, at some point developing options wastes resources,
    with no way to determine which option delivers the most value, a cause for indecision.
  • Relations: A customer is the most valuable asset of any business. It very crucial for
    companies to keep 100% clarity with their customers that will, in turn, aid in a higher
    brand reputation, and help an organisation grow.
  • Conflict Resolution: A significant challenge that businesses face is managing
    resources without raging conflict internally and externally. Clarity provides the basis of a
    self-governing process that reduces, and the need for management reduces.
  • Roles: Once the purpose of an organisation is clear, defining roles and
    responsibilities becomes critical yet at the same time very easy. With clarity, an
    organisation can operate more effectively with less of a chance for overlap and conflict
    within an organisation or across its boundaries.

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