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The International Train-The-Trainer Online Course by The British School of Etiquette India: Do they work?

July 28, 2021

Classroom training has become temporarily unavailable due to social distancing, but the demand for Train the Trainer courses and certification hasn’t decreased in any way. This leaves people wondering if The British School of Etiquette India Train the Trainer online course will work for their certification. Our flagship course shall help you in increasing your professional growth, personal growth and financial growth.

With such a practical nature, and a skills demonstration as part of the course syllabus, is our International Train the Trainer Online Course effective for achieving the knowledge, skills, and certification you need?

In this article, we look at how International Train the Trainer works as an online course, examine the main benefits of this style, and give you helpful statistics on pass rates.

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In This Article:

Train the Trainer: A Quick Overview

What does “online” training mean?

What are the benefits?

Why choose us?

What our clients say

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Train the Trainer: A Quick Overview

International Train the Trainer is one of the most popular certifications in India. It’s important for anyone who works as a professional or has a burning desire to grow and succeed in creating a brand that attracts.

There are 3 different courses that fall under the International “Train the Trainer” umbrella:

Training Delivery & Evaluation:
It focuses on understanding different learning styles, skills for delivering engaging training, and how to evaluate training. It’s our most popular course and the one we’ll focus on in this article.

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Training Needs Identification & Design:
This course is fantastic for anyone who wants to learn how to create a brand attracts and design great training sessions.

Internationally Accredited Certifications in Training & Development:
You shall receive 4 Internationally Accredited Certifications can be achieved by successfully completing the course above.
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If you want to read a more in-depth outline of the Train the Trainer awards, why not take a few minutes to read our article, “What is Train the Trainer?”.

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What does “online” training mean?
Online could refer to a self-led online approach, or trainer-directed, live virtual training courses. Your trainer is Mr Philip Sykes Principal of The British School Etiquette United Kingdom.

While self-led online training is an excellent approach for many subjects – we offer it for several of our other courses – trainer-directed, live virtual sessions are the most supportive, effective method for something as practical as International Train the Trainer.

What are the benefits?
Here are some of the benefits of choosing our Live Virtual style for your Train the Trainer course and certification:

  • Convenience
    When attending virtual training, you don’t have to worry about travel costs or time. You can connect from your own home, or wherever you’re based.
    All you need is a steady internet connection and a web-enabled device that has a web-camera, microphone, and speakers. Most web-enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, and computers) have these features as standard. Please kindly keep a notebook, pens, and coloured pens handy foir taking down notes.
  • A Focused Environment
    The dedicated learning environment of a classroom is one of the key benefits of this style of live virtual training that helps you stay focused on learning without distraction. Our online training is an interactive 5 days training.
  • A Group Dynamic
    Through our live virtual training format, you’ll be able to engage in discussions and group exercises with your fellow classmates.
    This method of sharing ideas and encouragement is something that you just can’t get from a self-led online course.
  • Expert Feedback & Guidance
    The real-time feedback and advice you’ll gain from our trainers is invaluable. They have been working as qualified, professional trainers for many years and have a wealth of real-life experience to share that will enhance the Train the Trainer syllabus.
  • Plenty of Support
    During the course, your trainer will go through our detailed assessment brief and give you tips for successfully completing your assessment work in the 4 weeks following the course.
    We will also provide you with access to course manuals and reference materials to support your continued, self-directed learning.

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