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Use these 5 Handy Tips to help you choose the Right International Train-The-Trainer Qualification in India

August 04, 2021

1. Think about your career priorities
Rather than simply going with what is perceived to be the most popular training option, think about what’s most important for your career.

Why has up skilling suddenly become so important? Short answer: digital transformation. The digital economy, enabled by astonishing advances in technology, is reimagining the provider-customer dynamic and transforming how goods and services are bought and sold. Customer-centric, tech-enabled, well-capitalized, new model providers are disrupting incumbents across industries. They share several core characteristics: a relentless commitment to improve customer access, experience, and loyalty; the efficient use of data; achieving “more with less” for the benefit of customers, employees, and shareholders; and constant improvement. Their models are built from the customer perspective, not to fit the provider economic model.
The world is changing at a rapid pace. Regardless of whether the change is brought on by technology or societal shifts, learning has become necessary to stay competitive in the job market. According to the World Economic Forum, over half of all workers in India will require up skilling and reskilling to meet the talent demands of the future.

2. Research certification criteria
If you know what subject you would like to learn and which you institution you would like collaborate do research on the certifications they are providing.
Are the certifications internationally accredited?
Are the certifications internationally recognised?
Are the certifications authentic?
Are the certification service provider a global registered company?

3. Ask questions
There is a lot of Train the Trainer information available online, which can seem a little overwhelming when you’re trying to digest it all. If you’re unsure about any element of the certification process or training delivery, ask questions.
We’ve been running International Train-The-Trainer courses for years and welcome the opportunity to answer questions at all stages of your research process.
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4. Look at course outlines
Make sure to get a look at a detailed course outline before you make any decisions. You’ll be able to confirm whether the course covers enough subject matter on the points you need to cover most.
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5. Decide on the right training method
Almost every training provider runs International Train the Trainer courses in a different format. Choose the format that suits your schedule and learning style best.

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